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Mt. Thielsen

Although it is not within the borders of the park, the impressive mountain known as Mt. Thielsen is every evident from many points. This mountain, which reaches an altitude of 9,182 feet, is located some miles north of the north rim of the caldera. This mountain is shown below with the park's north entrance road in the foreground.

Mt. Thielsen is the highest mountain in the vicinity of Crater Lake. It is located near Diamond Lake about 15 miles north of the park, but it is clearly visible from the lake rim and many other places within the park boundaries. Many places provide views of the lake with Mt. Thielsen in the background, as below.

Mt. Thielsen is a "volcanic plug", the remnants of an ancient volcano whose surface material been subject to glacial erosion over the ages. The central lava channel is more resistant to erosion than the surface rock, and this remains after the softer material has been carved away, leaving Thielsen's "horn." Mt. Thielsen last erupted between 500,000 and 100,000 years ago.

The great "horn" of Mt. Thielsen is an inviting and frequent target of lightning. In fact, it is known as "The Lightning Rod of the Cascades."

Excellent views of Mt. Thielsen can be found in various places within the Pumice Desert, since the views are relatively uncluttered by trees and other vegetation and the mountain is not very far away.

Here's another picture of Mt. Thielsen, the highest mountain in the vicinity of Crater Lake. Across Diamond Lake from Mt. Thielsen to the west is Mt. Bailey, which can be seen on the horizon in the left side of this picture.

Thielsen is a spectacular looking mountain by anyone's standards. In this view only the top of the mountain peeks out from the clouds.

In this view, Mt. Thielsen can be seen with the Pumice Desert visible in the foreground, as well as the far eastern slope of Red Cone.

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