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Godfrey Glen

One of the more interesting trails in the park is the Godfrey Glen Trail. The trailhead for this 1 mile trail is found in the Munson Valley between the Mazama Village complex and the park headquarters. It about 2 miles from the latter. The trailhead for the Godfrey Glen Trail is shown below.

A portion of the Godfrey Glen Trail leads through a heavily forest area. A bridge over the creek is shown below.

The Godfrey Glen Trail, for much of its route, overlooks the canyon of Munson Creek.

Another view of the canyon of Munson Creek is shown below. It resembles the canyon through which Wheeler Creek flows and where The Pinnacles are located.

This trail also features the spires of fossilized ash which are found at the Pinnacles. As with the formations at that site, these columns result from erosion of solidified ash cylinders deposited by the cataclysmic Mazama eruption.

Along the trail there is a good view of Godfrey Glen itself, seen in the photograph below. At this point there is a junction between Munson Creek and Annie Creek, and it marks the intersection of several valleys.

The valley resembles a gash through the forested landscape.

The Godfrey Glen Trail features several wonderful overlooks which provide outstanding views of the valley.

Although sometimes missed by visitors, the Godfrey Glen Trail is well worth seeing and provides interesting views of the results of the vulcanism which shaped Crater Lake National Park.

Vidae Falls

South of the lake rim a sizeable waterfall can be found. At 100 feet, Vidae Falls is the highest cascade in Crater Lake National Park.

Vidae Falls is spring fed. In the summer months the flow may be somewhat light, but he falls is still quite interesting.

Vidae Falls is quite easy to visit, as it is located along the route of Rim Drive just east of Vidae Ridge.

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