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Evening and Sunset

The appearance of the lake and other features of the park vary considerably depending on the time of day, climate, and quality of light. In the picture below, just before sunset, a band of sunshine illuminates the top of the east rim of the lake below overcast skies. That's The Palisades in the middle of the picture.

The east rim beyond Llao Rock, beginning with the Merriam Point area, is already in the shadows as evening approaches.

A different picture of Llao Rock shows the shadows at the end of the day.

The east rim is in shadow while the sun still highlights Dutton Cliff, Applegate Peak, and Garfied Peak.

Wizard Island is located in the western section of the lake, not far from te western rim of the caldera. As the sun goes down near the end of the day, less and less of the island lies in the sunlight. The photographs below show this lovely progression.

Eventually, just the crater at the top of the cone is bathed in sunlight.

Trees along the rim present an interesting view in low light.

A silhouette of a tree and the park below the rim marks the end of the day at Crater Lake.


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