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South Rim

The south rim provides varied topography including some of the highest points along the rim as well as its lowest point.

Kerr Notch The south rim of the caldera features two "notches" or low points where the edge of the rim is closest to the water. The larger of these two is Kerr Notch (pronounced "Car"), which is seen below just to the right of Mt. Scott.

This feature, like the nearby Sun Notch, is formed by a valley which existed on the flank of the former Mt. Mazama before the cataclysmic eruption. The u-shaped valley was scoured by glaciers as thick as 1000 feet flowing down the side of Mt. Mazama 10,000 years ago. The valley was left "hanging" by the collapse of Mt. Mazama.

Kerr Notch is the deepest of notches or depression the rim of the lake. The lowest point on the rim, in the notch, is at an altitude of 6690 feet, seen to the right, below.

Kerr Notch provides one of the two best views of the Phantom Ship. The view below shows The Phantom Ship from the Kerr Notch viewpoint. Note the staghorn lichen on the trunks of the trees.

Danger Bay Danger Bay is really just a slight indentation in the rim at the foot of, and just north of, Kerr Notch. It can be seen in the photograph below just right of the notch.

Another view of Danger Bay, from across the lake, can be seen here.

Dutton Cliff/Dutton Ridge This peak, shown below on the upper right side of the picture, reaches an altitude of 8150 feet. It rises about 1900 to 2000 feet above the surface of the lake, making it one of the major promontories on the rim.

Another view of Dutton Cliff is presented here, showing just to the west of Kerr Notch.

Dutton Cliff, with its reconizeable striated appearance, resulted from a series of lava flows which erupted during the first half of Mt. Mazama's 400,000 year life span.

The Phantom Ship, described on a previous page, is found at the foot of Dutton Cliff. This is evident in the picture below, with the formation shown just behind the tree on the right side of the picture.

Sun Notch The "other" valley, or notch, on the rim of the lake is Sun Notch, seen in the left center of this photograph.

Like Kerr Notch, Sun Notch was a valley on the slopes of Mt. Mazama which was carved into a u-shape by the actions of glaciers. The collapse of the mountain left the current hanging valley, or notch, on the side of the caldera. Sun Notch is bordered on the east by Dutton Cliff and on the west by Applegate Peak. Both can be seen in the following picture. More about this feature can be found elsewhere on this site.

Chaski Bay/Chaski Slide The Chaski Slide, which consists of a talus field, is located near the edge of the lake between Garfield and Applegate Peaks.

The Chaski Slide was formed when large sections of the caldera wall broke off the rim and slid into the caldera itself at the time of or soon after the cataclysmic eruption.

Another view of Chaski Slide and Chaski Bay show these features as they are located at the foot of Applegate Peak.

Applegate Peak This mountain on the south rim of the caldera is on of the highest points on the rim.

Applegate Peak forms the west flank of Sun Notch, as seen below.

Garfield Peak Garfield Peak is familiar to park visitors as it is looms over Crater Lake Lodge and Rim Village. A 1.7 mile trail to the top of the peak leaves from the general vicinity of the lodge. The summit of Garfield Peak towers 1900 feet above the surface of the lake.

There are great views of the park and the lake from the top of the peak which reaches 8080 feet, 1900 feet above the surface of the lake. This view shows Rim Village nestled against the northwest slope of Garfield Peak.

Eagle Point This promontory juts into the lake at the foot of Garfield Peak, seen across the lake in this picture.

In this shot Eagle Point is seen in the foreground against the backdrop of Dutton Cliff.

Rim Village The primary focus of visitor activities at Crate Lake is Rim Village, located next to Garfield Peak. It is discussed in greater depth elsewhere on these Crater Lake pages. This view shows Crater Lake Lodge in front of Garfield Peak.

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