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Ledges Area

Another of the notable recreation areas in the park is The Ledges. Located in the Virginia Kendall section of the park, it is south of the Happy Days Visitor Center and is connected to it by a series of trails. The area features a very large grassy meadow fringed by woods, shown below.

The Ledges Shelter is a noteworthy feature of The Ledges. The shelter was the first visitor oriented project in the Virginia Kendall park. It was designed by Albert H. Good of Akron in 1933. It includes a covered picnic area (on the right side of the picture below) and a two story building as a caretaker's residence. The building is constructed of wormy chestnut and sandstone, materials which are native to the area.

A memorable feature of the Ledges area is the Ledges Overlook. This vantage point provides a striking vista of forested ridgelines toward the northwest.

The "ledges" themselves are eroded bluffs of sandstone which is about 320 million years old.

The bluffs are a large outcropping of Sharon Conglomerate.

The top of the overlook is a good place to rest and enjoy the view of Northern Ohio.

Brecksville Reservation

The Brecksville Reservation is a 3090 acre section of park that is part of Cleveland Metroparks and is included within the borders of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Parts of the park are richly wooded, and it also includes a beautiful meadow which includes sports playing fields.

Other portions of the Brecksville Reservation area are heavily wooded. Beautiful Chippewa Creek runs through the Brecksville Reservation area.

The Brecksville "reservation" is one of a series of planned recreational areas around the perimeter of Cleveland. These were originally designed in 1917 by the landscape architects Olmstead Brothers to be linked by parkways.

The Brecksville Reservation area also includes bikepaths, such as the one below which crosses the creek.

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