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Park Views

Although it lacks the grandeur of many other national parks, there is a great deal of subtle beauty to be found in Cuyahoga Valley. This field is across the canal and towpath from the Frazee house. Stephen Frazee farmed the field west of the canal across from his abode.

In this view the Route 82 bridge, also known as the Northfield-High Level Bridge, is seen in the background. This bridge carries Chippewa Road across the valley and river. In the foreground is the "old bridge", the Station Road Bridge.

The picture below provides a better view of the Station Road Bridge which crosses the Cuyahoga River. Built by the Massillon Bridge Company, this wrought iron truss structure was erected in 1881, the oldest such bridge in Cuyahoga Valley. Its original cost was $3642! The full length of the bridge--127 feet--is visible in the picture.

The west end of the Station Road Bridge is visible with the Route 82 Bridge in the distance. The Station Road Bridge was disassembled and repaired in Elmira, New York, and was reassembled in its original location by the National Park Service in 1992. Before the construction of the Route 82 bridge this was the most important connection between Brecksville and Northfield over the Cuyahoga River.

The recreational facilities available in the park also included 2 ski resorts. One of these, the Boston Mills ski resort, is shown below. This facility was opened in December, 1963, and features a ski school, equipment rental, restaurant, and other amenities.

The Everett area was originally known as Unionville, and was an agricultural community. A view of a cultivated field in that area is shown below. The bottomland in the Everett area along the Cuyahoga River is quite fertile.

One of the loveliest bridges in the park is the Everett Covered Bridge. This bridge was originally built in 1877, crossing the creek known as Furnace Run. It was badly damaged in the flood of 1913, damaged a number of times by weather and other circumstances. It was washed off its supports by another flood in 1975 and damaged beyond repair. It was restored in 1986 and opened to non-vehicular traffic.

This field and its surrounding woodland is found in the Wetmore area.


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