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Inn at Brandywine Falls

The only inn or hotel in the Park is the Inn at Brandywine Falls. This building was once the Wallace house before being redeveloped as a bed and breakfast hotel. This picture below shows the front of the hotel with the garden, lawn, and fence.

The inn was originally built in 1848, and is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is owned by Katie and George Hoy who host many park visitors.

Seen on the left in the picture below, a building which was formerly a small barn has been renovated into guests quarters. This includes suites called "The Loft" and "The Granary."

Below is a picture of the interior of one of these suites. This picture shows a view of the first floor, including the rustic wood stove.

A different view of the first floor is shown below.

The suite also includes a comfortable sleeping loft.

Another picture of the exterior of the main building is shown below. The building is an example of Greek Revival architecture.

The inn is almost literally a stone's throw from Brandywine Falls, located just south. Between the inn and the falls is a meadow with picnic facilities.

A sign near the falls provides an interesting historical perspective, showing a photograph of the area from over a hundred years ago and describing the village of Brandywine which once occupied the site. The main inn building can be seen in the right portion of the photograph, below and to the left of the inset of Brandywine Falls.

The Inn at Brandywine Falls is also the home of some domesticated animals, including a goat and horse.

Not to be forgotten is Ben the dog, a resident of the Inn.

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