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The Frazee House is one of the oldest structures in the valley. It was built in 1826 along the canal and east of Canal Road in Independence Township by Stephen Frazee. It is an example of Federal-style architecture. It was restored in 1994 by the National Park Service. The building contains exhibits about not only the architecture of the home but also of the heritage of the settlement of the Western Reserve.

Located next to the canal and the Towpath Trail, immediately adjacent to Lock 38, is the beautiful white frame Canal Visitor Center, shown below.

The Canal Visitor Center is located in an 1820's era building which has served, over time, as saloon, inn, dance hall, general store, and residence. In the late 1980's the National Park Service renovated the building to its current use as a visitor center. The front of the building is shown below.

Inside the Canal Visitor Center there is lot of general information useful to visitors, including facts regarding 12,000 years of human history in the area. One historic exhibit, located on the second floor of the center, is shown below.

The park headquarters is located in what used to be the mill town of Jaite. It was originally built as a store and post office.

Located within the Virginia Kendall Park section of the national park is the Happy Days Visitor Center, shown below. The Virginia Kendall park area was one of 3 Civilian Conservation Corps camps in the area, the others being Sand Run and Brecksville. The CCC camp was created on the site of the visitor center in 1933. It is a hub of the park's arts activities, which include concerts, dances, lectures, and children's activities. It is also located adjacent to a number of hiking trails which exist in this section of the park.

This statue near the entrance to the visitor center commemorates the contributions of the workers from the CCC to current park facilities. The CCC provided employment opportunities, vocational training, and academic instruction for young men between the ages of 18-25.

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