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The Park Vision project is an ongoing effort by photographer Patrick Holleran to photograph many of America's national parks. Currently, 32 parks have been photographed. The images which result from this endeavor are sold, published in printed form, and displayed here in the World Wide Web Park Vision complex of pages. For more information on how these pictures are taken, and how they're integrated into the Park Vision Web site, check out the Tech Talk page.

Typically, a park is photographed during a single 2-3 day visit, although in some cases the visit may be longer or multiple visits may occur. Photographing the park in this way presents a number of challenges. Each park varies considerably from season to season, and a single visit reveals only a single face. During a short visit, the weather can be most uncooperative. Several days of rain can wipe out most photo possibilities or render the most spectacular scenes mediocre. It can frequently be difficult to reach many of the special places in the parks, particularly those accessible only with a long hike, in such a short visit. And most of America's national parks are extremely popular places; getting a good picture without lots of people or their cars in the way can be a mighty challenge.


The opportunity to experience all of these parks is something special. These parks contain some of the most impressive natural wonders of the entire world--the hydrothermal features at Yellowstone, massive and ancient trees in Redwood and Sequoia, the spectacular Yosemite Valley, the Grand Teton mountains, the awesome volcano of Mount Rainier, and many other features. And every park is different. Each has its own special features, and the range of these features is impressive, from the desert of Death Valley to the rain forest of Olympic and the coast of Acadia, from the tropical climate of Everglades to the alpine meadows of Rocky Mountain and Rainier.


For additional photography from the same source, see the online sports photography journal Oregon SportsBytes.

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