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Park Vision: Large Animals

The large animals which live in America's national parks are, for many people, the most memorable feature. The parks provide people with the opportunity to observe magnificent animals in a natural state, in some cases with a very close view.

 Roosevelt Elk, Redwood National Park:

 Buffalo, Grand Teton National Park

 Pronghorn, Grand Teton National Park:

 Black Bear, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

 California Seal Lion, Channel Islands National Park

 Dolphin, Channel Islands National Park

 Gray Whale, Channel Islands National Park

 Rocky Mountain Mule Deer, Lassen Volcanic National Park

 Moose Cow, Grand Teton National Park:

 Bull Moose, Yellowstone National Park:

 Grizzly Bear, Glacier National Park:

 Buffalo, Yellowstone National Park:

 Wapiti, Yellowstone:

 Elk near Rocky Mountain National Park:

 Mountain Goat, Glacier National Park:

 White-Tailed Deer, North Cascades National Park:

 Black-Tailed Deer, Olympic, Mt. Rainier National Parks:

 Pronghorn Antelope, Petrified Forest National Park

 Donkeys, Virgin Islands National Park

 Goat, Virgin Islands National Park

 Mule, Grand Canyon National Park

 Alligator, Everglades National Park


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