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Kings Canyon Pages Improved

The photographs on the Kings Canyon National Park pages have undergone the improvements recently made to a number of other park pages. Most photographs are larger and feature enhanced color and sharpness.

Posted 4/08/08

Hawaii Volcanoes Pages Enhanced

Modernization of the ParkVision site has continued. The photographs on the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park pages have been made larger and improved.

Posted 2/21/08

Improved Joshua Tree Pages

The photographs on the Joshua Tree National Park pages have been updated and improved. Only minor changes have been made to textual information.

Posted 2/8/08

New Crater Lake Site

The Crater Lake National Park pages have been completely redone. Most of the pictures are new, and the text has been almost completely rewritten. Crater Lake is now the most comprehensive and best of the parks on the ParkVision site.

Posted 1/16/08

Isle Royale Pages Updated

The Isle Royale National Park pages have undergone some changes in the last week. Almost all of the photographs have been reworked, with improved color and being presented in the newer, larger standard ParkVision sizes. Only very minimal changes have been made to the text.

Posted 1/10/08

ParkBytes Now Online

ParkVision now offers a new feature for people with iPhones or other small format Web browsers. ParkBytes by ParkVision provides images of features in many national parks in a format which is convenient for browsing on an iPhone screen. Navigate to the ParkBytes page, turn your phone to the horizontal orientation, and move to navigation bar up and off the top of the screen. The large image will be nicely formatted on the screen, and a matrix of small thumbnails to the left will allow easy access to a number of images. The high definition iPhone screen will provide very high quality display of images.

We are at this point experimenting with different approaches for the iPhone's small screen and other interface features. Check back from time to time to try out new designs. We welcome comments and suggestions from ParkVision viewers at parkvision@shannontech.com. Look forward also to special formatting of the entire ParkVision site for optimum display on small screens.

Posted 8/14/07

Sponsored Links Program Announced

ParkVision has unveiled a new program which will permit vendors of products and services relevant to specific national parks or national parks in general to arrange for links to their Web sites to be placed on the appropriate ParkVision pages. This provides both a service to potential visitors to individual national parks and those with interest in the parks themselves, as well as an advertising opportunity for park vendors. Details about the new program can be found on the Sponsored Links page.

Posted 6/25/07

Map Link Added to Park Pages

A new feature has now been added to each of the national park pages. A small map button now appears next to the name of the park near the top of the page. Clicking on this button opens a Google Maps page showing a map and satellite photo of the specific park.

Posted 6/07/07

New Lassen Volcanic National Park Pages

The Lassen Volcanic National Park pages have been extensively revised. Most of the text on the pages has been rewritten. A number of new digital pictures have been added to the site, and older pictures have been reprocessed. These pages are now presented in the new larger picture format.

Posted 5/30/07

Channel Island Site Revised

The Channel Islands National Park pages have been completely redone. Another island--Santa Cruz--has been added to the site. Also, most of the pictures of East, Middle, and West Anacapa Islands have been changed and improved. Pictures of whales in the Santa Barbara Channel have been added. As as been mentioned before, links to Channel Islands pages other than the first, and links to individual pictures (which are not permitted), are probably no longer valid.

Posted 3/19/07

Major Update of Redwood Pages

The Redwood National Park pages have been completely updated. A large number of new digital pictures have been added to the collection. Older pictures have been reworked and included with the new, larger ParkVision size. Most of the text has been rewritten, and many new sections have been added. Pictures of new areas within the park complex have also been included. Note that links from other Web sites to previous pages may no longer be valid.

Posted 12/06/06

Prices and Technical Information Updated

A couple of changes have been made to the site. First, updated technical information on photography, digital image manipulation, and Web site creation and maintenance have been placed on the Technology page. Second, prices for people who wish to purchase or use copies of the pictures displayed on the ParkVision Web site have also been placed on the Prices page. Users may make arrangements to use copies of pictures at any size and resolution on other sites, or for books, magazines, brochures, or other hard copy application.

It is also important to note that current ParkVision policy does not permit hot linking to pictures on the site, so that these pictures appear embedded in pages on other sites. Park pages are constantly being updated and changed, and links to individual pictures may become invalid at any time. All rights to the photographs on the site are reserved.

Posted 11/10/06

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Added

One of America's newest national parks, Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio, has been added to the ParkVision site. The pages include pictures in the newer larger sizes and information about the park.

Posted 12/26/05

Complete Overhaul of Grand Teton Pages

The Grand Teton Park site has been completely redone. There are new pictures, enhancements of older pictures, larger photographs, and all new supplemental information. Any page which links to a previous Grand Teton picture or page will need to be updated.

Posted 10/25/05

Yosemite National Park Pages Redone

There has been a complete renovation of the Yosemite National Park pages. Most of the photographs and information on the pages is new, and the site is much improved. Webmasters of any site which links to any photographs on these pages should be aware that the links are no longer valid and will need to be revised.

Posted 6/22/05

Joshua Tree National Park Updated

Digital photography in Park Vision has found its way to Joshua Tree National Park. Over 40 new pictures taken with a digital SLR have been added to the site, and the pages themselves have been substantially reorganized. Additionally, some new information has been added to technical pages.

Posted 2/2/05

Saguaro National Park Updated

New digital pictures of Saguaro National Park have now been added. Additionally, some new information and references have also been added to the site.

Posted 12/14/04

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Added to Site

Pictures of and information about America's most popular national park, Great Smoky Mountains, has now been added to the ParkVision Web site. These park pages adopt the new larger picture size format introduced with Mammoth Cave.

Posted 11/16/04

Large Format Pictures Available

Pictures on ParkVision pages have typically been relatively small, a necessity because of the number of pictures each page contains and the size of the pictures themselves. However, a new page has been added to the site featuring a group of thumbnail-sized pictures which allow the user to select and display a much larger picture. Many of these pictures, in particular some of those from Yosemite and Grand Teton National Parks, have never been seen on the ParkVision site. This feature is available at the Large Format Page or from the main ParkVision page.

Posted 8/09/04

Mammoth Cave Added to Site

A new park--Mammoth Cave--has been added to the ParkVision Web site. Many pictures of the caves themselves appear on these pages. In addition to the usual collection of information, the new park pages feature larger pictures than have been available in the past.

Posted 7/21/04

New Usage Data Available

Some interesting new information is available on the Favorites page. In addition to a list of the favorite parks of the site creator, information on the most popular parks based on user visits is now presented. This information is displayed on a monthly basis, and more usage information of other types will be added from time to time.

Posted 6/1/04

Macintosh Client Released

You will always be able to browse the ParkVision Web site using your favorite Web browser on any standard platform. However, if you have a Macintosh and are running OS X version 2.7 or later you can take advantage of a special, dedicated client called ParkBrowser. This application provides better navigation, some additional features, and a better user experience when investigating the site.

The 1.0 version of this program is available via ftp at homepage.mac.com/patholleran, or from the patholleran public idisk.

Posted 5/12/04

RSS Feed Now Available

There is a new way to keep up to date on developments on the Parkvision Web site. If you have an RSS newsreader you can subscribe to the address "http://www.shannontech.com/ParkVision/General/rss.xml." Information about additions, updates, enhancements, and other major changes will be available there.

Posted 3/15/04

More Digital Pictures

More pictures taken with a digital SLR camera have now been added to the Saguaro National Park site. These pictures appear in sections covering the Tucson Mountain District section of the park.

Look for another addition which will allow visitors to keep up on changes to the Parkvision Web site--an RSS feed, coming soon.

Posted 3/11/04

ParkVision Breaks New Ground

The first park recorded completely using digital technology--Voyageurs National Park--has been added. All photographs of this beautiful park were taken using a Nikon D100 digital camera, as opposed to the use of 35mm SLR and Kodak PhotoCD technologies used for all previous parks. Some additional digital pictures of Saguaro will also make their appearance soon.

Additionally, a great deal of infrastructure work has been done to help handle the traffic of this site. It is a very popular site, and the pages with many pictures are traffic intensive.

Please continue to send comments, corrections, complaints, and compliments to the address provided below. There is a great deal of spam sent to this address, but every effort is made to filter out the good mail from the junk.

Posted 3/2/04

Upcoming Parks

Two new parks will soon be added--Mammoth Cave and Smoky Mountain National Park. Updates to the pages of a number of parks, including Yosemite, Yellowstone, Saguaro, Grand Teton, and several others will also appear.


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