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ParkVision pages and photographs are the property of Patrick Holleran, Shannon Technologies. All rights are reserved. They are presented on the Internet for the enjoyment and education of ParkVision viewers. Pages and/or pictures may not be displayed or duplicated for any purpose whatsoever without the express written consent of the owners. Commercial use of the pictures or information is permitted only by purchasing those rights. Prices for categories of users and uses are presented on the Prices page.

While no photograph on the ParkVison Web site may be duplicated, links to the ParkVision site as a whole may be freely included in any Web site. Please note: links to individual photographs contained on the ParkVision Web site may not be inserted in non-commercial Web sites, although copies of these pictures may be purchased for display.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a non-profit organization which supports one of our national parks. May we use one of your photographs on our Web page?

No individual or organization may place a link in one of their Web pages pointing to a picutre on the ParkVision server. The names of the pictures and the pictures themselves change from time to time, and these links would often become invalid.

However, non-profit conservation organizations may use a copy of a ParkVision picture on their Web site. In these cases, a copy of the picture must be obtained from Shannon Technologies, in the desired size, and the attribution ©Patrick Holleran, Shannon Technologies must appear directly below the photograph.

Other individuals or organizations who wish to use a ParkVision picture may purchase the rights to use one. Prices for usage are presented on the Prices page.

I am a middle school student who is doing a report on Grand Teton National Park. Could I copy and print one of the ParkVision pictures in my report?

On occasion, we do permit young students to include a photograph from the ParkVision Web site in a school assignment. However, permission must first be obtained before this can be done, and the attribution described above must be included in your document.

My foundation is raising money for conservation purposes. Can we use some of your photographs in our brochure?

Rights to use of ParkVision images may be purchased for a variety of purposes. Lower prices are available for conservation groups

My company would like to use some of your photographs in an advertising campaign. Can any arrangement be made for this purpose?

Rights to non-exclusive use of photographs or digital images may be purchased. Contact ParkVision via e-mail at parkvision@shannontech.com to discuss prices and further arrangements.

I have found some inaccuracies on one of your park pages. How can I see that these are corrected?

Send mail to parkvision@shannontech.com reporting the errors. Please be as specific as possible in citing the errors and corrections.

My family will be visiting one of our national parks shortly. Could you send me information on lodging and recreational opportunities?

ParkVision is a private Web site with no connection to the National Park Service or any of the vendors or service providers in any park. We do not provide information about parks beyond what is presented on the Web site and are generally unable to answer letters of this nature.

Why isn't my favorite national park included on the site?

New parks are added as they are visited. Parks which do not appear on the site are not in any way inferior to those which are included; they simply have not been visited yet.

My organization has a great Web site dedicated to one of our national parks. Would you place a link on your site to ours?

The ParkVision Web site contains no links whatsoever to sites beyond its own. This allows educational and other types of users to put a computer and Web browser displaying ParkVision in kiosk mode. If the address field of the browser is hidden, administrators do not have to worry about those browsing the ParkVision site "escaping" to undesirable sites elsewhere on the Web.

How long has ParkVision been available on the Internet?

The ParkVision Web site has been on the Internet since 1995.

  • All photographs ©Patrick Holleran, Shannon Digital Imaging, 1994-2013

  • Commercial use of the images contained in this document without express written consent is strictly prohibited.

  • Comments and other remarks can be sent via e-mail to parkvision@shannontech.com