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Park Vision: Technology

This page provides some of the technical details describing how the Park Vision web site is put together, from exposure to image placement in Web pages.


Early Work

Taking The Pictures In early days of the project photographs were taken with a Mintolta 400si and later 700si camera using Minolta 28-80xi, 80-200xi, or 100-300 AF lenses. Later a Nikon N90s with Nikkor 28-70 and Tamron 70-300 zoom lenses were used. The shorter zoom lens was used most often for the landscape shots, while the telephoto zooms are used for tight shots of mountain peaks, pictures of wildlife, and close-ups of wildflowers and other plants. All photographs were taken using transparency (slide) film. The film most frequently used was Kodachrome 64 with the 25 and 200 speeds also used. Very rarely Ektachrome films are utilized.

Most landscape shots weere taken using a Bogen tripod, to provide sharp pictures free of the effects of camera shake and to allow enhanced degrees of freedom in choosing aperture settings for desired depth of field. A tripod is essential for high quality landscape photographs.

Digital Processing Images captured on slide film had to be transferred to digital media. This was accomplished via the Kodak Photo CD scanning process. The CD's weere examined and the photographs chosen for inclusion in the Park Vision pages using Kodak PhotoEdge software running on a Macintosh computer. All CD images are also catalogued and cross-referenced using Extensis Portfolio (originally Aldus Fetch) software. Photos were color corrected, cropped, scaled, and saved as JPEG images using various versions of Adobe Photoshop. All digital imaging work was done on Apple Macintosh Computers.

Current Procedures

Taking The Pictures Digital SLR cameras are now used exclusively for taking the photographs in the national parks. First, a Nikon D100 6.2 megapixel digital SLR camera, and more recently a Nikon D2x 12.4 megapixel camera have been utilized. Lenses used have included Nikkor 28-70D, Nikkor AF-S VR Zoom 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF VR, and Nikkor AF 70-300 f4-5.6D ED lenses. Most landscape photographs are taken utilizing a Gitzo Mountaineer 1257 tripod. Equipment was carried using a Tamrac photo backpack. Originally SanDisk, and now Lexar, compact flash memory cards are utilized for storage.

Digital Processing All images are stored when taken in Nikon's ".NEF" RAW format. Images are imported from the memory card to the computer hard disk using Nikon's Nikon View software. It is currently catalogued on a Macintosh computer using Apple's Aperture software. Selections for inclusion on ParkVision Web pages takes place in Aperture, and initial color and tonal corrections are performed using that program. Corrected images are exported to Adobe Photoshop where additional corrections, sizing, sharpening, and saving to the JPEG format used in ParkVision is accomplished. The actual Web pages are created using BBEdit to edit basic HTML.


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