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Park Vision: Trees

Many of America's national parks are heavily forested and feature an enormous variety of trees. These range from tropical varieties like cypress and palm in parks located in very warm climates such as the Everglades, through hardwood forests of the midwest and northeast, to the enormous specimens characteristic of wet, cool climates of the northwestern United States such as those located in Sequoia, Redwood, Mt. Rainier, and Olympic parks.



 Sequoia Tree, Kings Canyon National Park:

 General Sherman Sequoia, Sequoia National Park:

 General Grant Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Park:

 Redwood, Redwood National Park

 Douglas Fir, Olympic National Park

 Sitka Spruce, Olympic National Park

 Grizzly Giant, Sequia, Yosemite National Park

 Whitebark Pine, Crater Lake National Park

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