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Willow Flats

One of the interesting areas in the central part of the park is Willow Flats. This is a section of Jackson Hole to the east of Jackson Lake pocked with ponds and streams, and of course willows and other brush.

Willow Flats is known as a good place to spot moose and other wildlife. A large animal is just visible in the center of this picture.

Willow Flats features trails and footpaths to explore.


The massive bulk of the Teton range and the beautiful lakes at at the foot of the mountains combined with the setting sun, provides some spectacular views at the end of the day. Throw in some interesting cloud patterns and you have a really beautiful setting. Below is a view of sunset at Colter Bay, complete with reflections of the scene on Jackson Lake.

Even as the light drains away, the bright spots of snow and ice on the peaks is visible.

Here is a view of sunset from the northern section of Jackson Lake.

Here is another view looking southwest at the Tetons across Jackson Lake.

The rays of the setting sun are reflected from the surface of the lake.

The color of the lake changes at the end of the day.

Below is a bit of "alpenglow", the reflection of the setting sun on the upper section of the snow covered mountains. The peaks seem to glow in this light.

The sun peaks through the clouds before disappearing behind the mountains.

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