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Scenic Turnouts and Overlooks

There are two major roads in the park which run in a more or less north/south direction. Along these roads are a series of views or turnouts which provide awesome panoramas of the Tetons and other parts of the park even for those visitors who do not want to venture far from their automobile.

Glacier View Turnout is located along Highway 191 about 3 miles north of Moose Junction. It provides a spectacular view of the middle section of the Teton Range including the Grand Teton itself and a number of glaciers, including the Teton Glacier.

The Blacktail Ponds Overlook is south of the Glacier View Turnout and not far north of Moose Junction. It provides views of a creek, the Snake River, and the magnificent Tetons.

The Mt. Moran Turnout is situated on the Teton Park Road near Spalding Bay, the southernmost part of Jackson Lake.

The Cathedral Group Turnout is located on the Jenny Lake loop road off the Teton Park Road near Jenny Lake. It provides a spectacular view of the Cathedral Group, shown below.

The Snake River Overlook, located on the Jackson Hole Highway, is probably the most photographed of the overlooks, if not the most photographed of any spot in the park. It overlooks a section of the Snake River where it loops north and east, and provides a beautiful view of the river with the Teton Range as a backdrop. This view is shown in multiple places on these pages. The view below looks northwest from the turnout, and shows Mt. Moran and the river and its high banks.

Several of the best viewpoints in the park can be found along the spur road which runs from the Teton Park Road up to the summit of Signal Mountain. One of the viewpoints found there is Jackson Point Overlook, from which the picture below was taken. This is an old place from which to take photos; William Henry Jackson took a photograph here. Over the tops of the trees can be seen Mt. Moran, Bivouac Peak, and neighboring mountains, as well as Jackson lake.

The Jackson Point Overlook provides panoramas in all directions of the park, including toward the southeast and the Bridger-Teton National Forest with the Snake River running across the foreground.

The Willow Flats Turnout is just south of the Jackson Lake Lodge and, like the lodge, looks out over Willow Flats area. The Teton Range including Grand Teton and Mt. Moran. Jackson Lake can be seen at the base of the mountains.

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