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Snake River

One of the primary features of Jackson Hole is the Snake River. This waterway meanders through the valley from its source in the southern section of Yellowstone National Park. The view below is a famous one, from the Snake River Overlook.

The Snake River falls about 700 feet from its emergence from the Jackson Lake dam to Wilson south of the park.

The Snake River provides fishing opportunities for cutthroat trout. The cutthroat trout is in fact the only fish native to Grand Teton National Park.

Floating the river is an excellent way to see a different part of the park and provides views such as those below. Navigating the river requires watching out for snags and other hazards which exist in the channel.

The Snake River was named after the Shoshone people, known to other tribes as the Snake. Contrary to popular belief, this name did not referred to legless reptiles, but rather to a characteristic of the sign language used by these people.

The bed of the Snake River is gravelly, and in many places there are high banks. The picture below looks northwest from the Snake River Overlook, providing a view of Mt. Moran and the northern section of the Teton Range.

In sections where the Snake River flows slowly, it provides a hospitable environment for many aquatic plants.

In the fall, views of the Snake River may include multicolored foliage and cloudy skies.

The view below show the Snake River in the foreground, the dry sagebrush country of Jackson Hole beyond that, the woodlands which surround the lakes at the foot of the mountains, and the Tetons themselves.

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