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Oxbow Bend

Oxbow Bend is a "bend" or looping meander of the Snake River which has been cut off from the main channel. It resembles the oxbow used by the western pioneers.

Oxbow Bend is just east of Jackson Lake, near Jackson Lake Dam where the river emerges from the lake. Mt. Moran, seen in the center of the picture below, dominates the background at Oxbow Bend from the east side of the water.

Oxbow Bend provides a rich wildlife habit for many types of animals.

When the water is calm the reflections of the mountains are quite vivid.

Low clouds over the Tetons provide a spectacular backdrop to Oxbow Bend

Signal Mountain

Signal Mountain is a promontory which rises about 1000 feet east of the Snake River, reaching an altitude of 7,593 feet. It was denuded by forest fire in the 1800's and reforested by lodgepole pines and aspens, known as "pioneer trees" because they are the first to recolonize burned areas.

The paved road to the top of Signal Mountain has two of the best overlooks in the park--Jackson Lake and Jackson Point. Henry Jackson took several memorable photographs in 1878 from Jackson Point, which is also sometimes called "Photographer Point."

Signal Mountain was named for its use as a place for the lighting of a signal fire.

From Signal Mountain, panoramic views of the surrounding country can be seen. Here a section of the Snake River, which loops around the mountain to the north and the east can be seen.

Looking toward the southeast from Signal Mountain, a small pond and the sagebrush country can be seen. The Bridger-Teton National Forest lies on the horizon in this direction.

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