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John D. Rockefeller National Parkway

The John D. Rockefeller Jr. National Parkway connects the north entrance of Grant Teton National Park with the south entrance of Yellowstone. It's named in honor of one of America's great philanthropists whose creativity and generosity is responsible for many great conservation efforts, including Acadia and Grand Teton National Parks.

The picture below looks north from the south border of the parkway, which runs through heavily forested land throughout its course.

In its northern section the parkway runs alongside the channel of the Snake River. The pictures below show views of the Snake River as it runs through a meadow just south of the Yellowstone Park entrance at an altitude of 6886 feet.


Although the parkway's land is still heavily forested, it has suffered some of the same forest fire damage as Yellowstone. Stands of blackened trees are very much in evidence, as can be seen below.

A number of animals make their homes in the land of the parkway. Below, a solitary elk looks for food in a burned section of the parkway.

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