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The area in and around the park is very mountainous, and there are a number of ridges and mountain ranges that can be seen in various parts of the park.

The Pinto Mountains are found northeast of the park.

A major range which runs through the center of the park is the Hexie Mountains.

The exposed rock on the sides of these mountains is quite scenic.

Keys View

A discussion of mountains in the park would not be complete without inclusion of Keys View. This viewpoint is located along the ridgeline of the Little San Bernardino mountains, which form the southern edge of the park. A view from Keys View toward the southeast is shown below.

A view in the opposite direction, of the hills and vegetation at the top of Keys View, is seen here.

A low-light view from Keys View shows the mountainous nature of the area.

The view is named for famed pioneer rancher Bill Keys, who built the road to the view to provide access to a mine.

The view to the south from Keys View looks out across the Coachella Valley and provides views of the Salton Sea, Coachella Valley, Mt. San Jacinto, and Signal Mountain. In the view below the Salton Sea, some 200 feet below sea level, can be seen in the distance.

The observation point at Keys View provides an outstanding view of the Coachella Valley. This is the area where Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and a number of other desert resort communities are located. A view of this valley can be seen in the background of the picture below.

More views of the valley can be seen below.

Many of the pictures in this section are taken from the observation point which is located at Keys View. This observation point is pictured below. The facility is located on the top of the hill, and the path to it is visible leading up its side.

This shot shows the view and some of the vegetation and rocks at the observation point.

In earlier times it was possible to see much further but presently smog coming in from Los Angeles to the west often obscures the view. Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio, and many other cities in the valley have become major recreation destinations as well.

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