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Lost Horse Valley

One of the most beautiful areas in the park is Lost Horse Valley, a portion of which is shown below. This view looks north in the direction of Quail Mountain.

The mountains to the north of the park can be seen across Lost Horse Valley, which is home to a large number of Joshua trees.

Lost Horse Valley is located just north of the ridge of the Little San Bernardino Mountains which serve as the southern border of the park. The road to Keys View, discussed above, runs through it. A noteworthy landmark on the east side of the valley is Lost Horse Mountain. Lost Horse Mine is located in the mountain near the summit.

Ryan Mountain borders the northeast section of the valley, and separates it from the Queen Valley.

The mountains surrounding the valley are some of the most beautiful in the park

Cap Rock is located in the northern section of the valley, just south of the junction of the Keys View access road and the main east-west road, Park Boulevard. It is named for the visor-like rock which balances on its top.

Hiking trails, picnic areas, and other facilities are available in Lost Horse Valley.

Quail Springs

Quail Springs is found in the northwest section of the park, not far from the West entrance.

At Quail Springs there is a parking lot and a rock pile with views of the surrounding area.

The pictures here show views in several directions from the rock pile.

This view looks toward the east.

A closer view of a rock pile shows the boulders which make up some of these hills.

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