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Crescent City

The main city along the Pacific Coast in the Redwood National Park area is Crescent City. Founded in 1853, it provides a good harbor and is a popular fishing port.

The picture below portrays the curving stretch of coastal beach south of town and north of the Redwood National Park boundary which gives Crescent City its name.

One of the main visitor centers for Redwood National Park is not within the borders of the park itself but in downtown Crescent City. It is located in the same building, pictured below, as the Park Headquarters. A section of the building runs over the street at the second story level.

A recognizable feature of Crescent City is the Battery Point Lighthouse, built to warn ships of the dangers of the rocky coast in the harbor area. In the picture below the Battery Point Lighthouse is shown, illustrating the rough, hazardous nature of the coast here. The silhouette of the mountains in Redwood National Park is barely visible in the background to the south.

Crescent City is well known to many people because of the famous tsunami which hit the city on March 28, 1964. The tsunami, then generally called a tidal wave, was generated by the great Alaskan earthquake of 1964. The wave did great damage to the city, where 29 city blocks were layed to ruin. $17 million in damage resulted from this catastrophe.


Of course, the beautiful features of Redwood National Park are most easily seen by day. But, in may places in the park, a special beauty awaits the visitor who remains in the park at twilight, especially along the coast.

An overlook along Highway 101 in Redwood National Park provides an excellent view of Crescent City as the sun goes down, the lights of the city twinkling in the distance. The lights of the town hug the shore of the harbor.

Late in the day the sun sparkles off the surface of the Pacific Ocean along the coast in the northern part of the park.

An interesting look occurs later in the day when fog creeps toward the shore and partially obscures the sun.

Interesting colors are visible when the sun drops below the clouds on the horizon near sunset.

The view below shows the Crescent City area shortly before the sun drops below the horizon.

This view of the ocean and an offshore rock near sunset was taken from the Coastal Trail near Hidden Cove.

This picture of the rocks off shore at False Klamath Cove shows the sunset when clouds and fog obscure much of the evening sky over the Pacific Ocean.

The sun, low in the sky, reflects off the ocean late in the day.

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