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One of the best features of Redwood National Park and the three state parks is the large number of trails they contain. These include trails through redwood groves, trails along the coast, trails through the mountains, and trails along rivers and creeks. Most are very accessible to most visitors.

Lady Bird Johnson Grove Nature Trail Perhaps the most popular trail, and the one which a visitor with just a short time to visit the park might want to walk, is the trail through the magnificent Lady Bird Johnson Grove of old growth redwood trees. A portion of the trail is shown below.

The LBJ Grove Trail is accessed from a parking area via a pedestrian walkway across Bald Hills Road. The trail is about 1.3 miles, and is broad, flat, and level, as can be seen below.

The trail leads through a grove which includes old growth redwoods, providing possibly the best opportunity in the park to experience these giants close up.

The trail provides view of the many kinds of plants which live in the redwood forest, including the beautiful ferns.

The nature trail also has numbered signs which correspond to a trail brochure available at the trailhead. The brochure explains in detail what can be observed at each numbered sign, such as fire damaged trees, "towering patriarchs", snags and nurse logs, and ferns and other plants.

Lost Man Creek Trail The Lost Man Creek Trail runs along side Lost Man Creek, named after a lost timber cruiser. The trail approaches the site where, in 1982, Redwood National Park was dedicated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trail runs from a parking area a short ways up a road off Highway 101 up into the mountains along Holter Ridge.

Yurok Loop This trail is one of the most scenic and enjoyable in the park. The trail head is located just north of the Lagoon Creek picnic area. It follows the line of the coast along the point south of False Klamath Cove. An old road led around this point.

Named, of course, after the Indian tribe, the site of an old Yurok Indian settlement just north of the trailhead and parking lot adjacent to the lagoon. The loop and coastal trail with which it connects follow the route of an old Indian trail.

Coastal Trail The Coastal Trail runs along the coast through almost the entire length of the park. It provides some of the most beautiful views of any trail in any national park. This view shows the trail a short ways south of where it connects with the Yurok Loop.

The nature of the Coastal Trail can be seen below as it approaches Hidden Beach.

Hidden Beach Trail One can reach Hidden Beach by hiking from False Klamath Cove on the Yurok Loop and the Coastal Trail. However, this small cove can also be reached by following the Hidden Beach Trail from Highway 101 through the forest to the shoreline. The trailhead is next to the motel across the street from the Trees of Mystery.

Stout Trail There are a number of trails which can be hiked in Jedediah Smith State Park in the Stout Grove area. This includes the Stout Trail through the Stout Grove which features an amazing collection of old growth redwood trees, including some spectacular fallen trees such as the one shown below.

The Stout Trail is a loop which connects at both ends with the Hiouchi Trail. When the picture below was taken, a flood had washed out the bridge over a creek near where it empties into the Smith River.

The Dolason Trail The Dolason Trail crosses the prairie in the Bald Hills. It leads downhill toward the Tall Trees Grove, connecting with the Redwood Creek and Emerald Trails. The trip down the hill and back up is about a 2.6 mile round trip, featuring a 400 foot elevation loss and gain. The trail is named after 1860's area rancher James Donaldson.

Fern Canyon Trail This trail which runs through the spectacular Fern Canyon is part of the 75 miles of trails located in Prairie Creek Redwood State Park.

The trail crosses the creek on multiple location using wooden blanks. These planks are removed during the winter season. There are a number of places in the canyon where fallen trees still balance against the walls of the canyon.

The Fern Canyon Trail is a loop. One can follow the trail up the canyon, then climb out of the canyon on the stairs shown below, and return along the ridge above the canyon.

The picture below shows the return trip above Fern Canyon.

Fern Canyon is accessed by a short section of trail through a meadow from the parking lot at the northern end of Davison Road.

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