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Yosemite Falls

The collection of waterfalls in Yosemite is one of the most magnificent in the world, due to the "hanging valleys" left by the formation of the Yosemite Valley itself, and the wet climate characteristic of the park. As a result, 5 of the Yosemite Valley's falls are among the 10 highest waterfalls on earth.

Perhaps the most famous of the waterfalls is the double waterfall known as Yosemite Falls, which falls a total of 2,425 feet. There are three separate sections--the Upper Falls (1,430 feet), a middle falls (675 feet), and the lower section (320 feet).The photograph below provides a view of the upper and lower section of the waterfall.

A closeup of the upper falls is seen below. The upper falls is the first or second highest free fall waterfall in the world.

Below is a closer view of the bottom (lower) section of Yosemite Falls.

Yosemite Falls is so high that it is equivalent to more than 12 Niagra Falls one on top of another. Counting the total drop of all 3 sections, it is surpassed in height only by Angel Falls in Venezuela.

Yosemite Falls is especially spectacular in the winter when the cliffs are covered by snow, ice, and frost.

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